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In addition to managing our own land, Ritter manages land for client landowners. Trey Hayden heads up this operation, working with families who own land, as well as with institutions, individuals, trusts, family offices, etc., who acquire and invest in farm, timber and recreational land. We focus on serving each client as a unique individual, meeting their specific needs and helping them achieve their specific goals for their land assets.

With an investment in Ritter’s land management services, clients can rest easy, knowing their land is being managed in a professional and environmentally responsible manner. Trey and other Ritter land managers hold the Accredited Farm Manager (AFM) designation from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA).

The Ritter team provides turn-key land management and customized consultation services. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of the land management process. We also provide feasibility analysis, design and construction management of revenue/value enhancing capital improvement and maintenance projects. Trey also has extensive experience in residential and commercial land development.

As an owner, manager and steward of its own substantial land holdings for well over a century, Ritter has a singular perspective for managing clients’ land assets from an owner’s point of view. As a result, over time, net cash flow is enhanced and the intrinsic value of your land assets increases.

“As an owner, manager and steward of its own substantial agricultural holdings for well over a century, Ritter has a singular perspective for managing clients’ land assets from an owner’s point of view.”


At Ritter, our clients are the reason we pursue excellence and take a partnership approach to farm management. Farming the right way means emphasizing both yield and sustainability, and focusing both on conservation and financial consistency.

It’s not just that we feel a responsibility to conserve natural resources. We also understand the difference conservation can make in helping farms maintain their value long term. Our goal is to help you maximize yield and profitability while minimizing your environmental impact. That can mean going the extra mile by using soil and water conservation measures such as reduced tillage, cover crops, flow meters, efficient sprinkler nozzles and computerized irrigation models, to name a few.


At Ritter, we manage capital improvements, such as drainage and irrigation projects—including land forming—with conservation and sustainability in mind from start to finish.



Taking Care of the Land

Ritter has been around a while. Since 1886, to be exact. But that doesn’t mean we’ve become stagnant. Fresh ideas, innovation and doing things right are a big part of why we’ve been here so long. And being established for so many years has enabled us to become grounded in the agricultural community. For over a century, we have been helping farmers, land owners and business owners in the Delta/Mid-South region boost productivity and profitability.


Negotiate terms and administer farm and hunting leases

• Monitor crop harvests and collect cash rents, or market landlord’s share of crops received as rent

• Coordinate timber management & harvest

• Verify tenant & vendor liability insurance

• Coordinate maintenance & repairs: assess need, cost-benefit & responsibility and manage work

• Coordinate capital improvement projects: cost-benefit analysis and manage design & construction

• Monitor crop yields & soil fertility

• Monitor government well registrations & compliance

• Monitor government farm/conservation programs, requirements & compliance

• Pay property taxes

• Monitor clients’ liability insurance

• Maintain financial records

• Provide periodic reports

• Monitor farm conditions: wells, pivots, underground irrigation pipe, drainage pipes, structures & ditches, grain bins, buildings, fields, roads, trash/debris, weeds, etc.

Higher rent income and lower expenses.
The fluctuating level of commodity markets will always impact rent income. However, given the constraints of the markets, with good insight and connections in the local agricultural community, we use our management expertise over time to:

• Hire and keep better tenants

• Negotiate higher cash rents and crop share percentages

• Achieve an annual crop mix that produces higher rents

• Provide enhanced crop marketing and sales

• Maintain adequate crop insurance

• Review and approve only necessary expenses

Increased productivity of the land.
Our extensive management expertise enables us to:

• Work with tenants to improve and maintain soil fertility

• Perform cost-benefit analysis and manage fiscally prudent capital improvement and maintenance projects to improve drainage
and irrigation efficiencies

• If desired, add on-farm grain storage for expedited harvests and expanded crop marketing opportunities

• Properly maintain property and infrastructure conditions to further enhance net income and land value


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